Smash Karts

Smash Karts
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Smash Karts is an awesome three-dimensional kart racing game in which you need to drive your kart, pick up weaponry, and blow all other karts!

There are various online games that you can blow off all steam immediately in addition to having a whale of a time with your friends and your family but never forget to experience playing Smash Karts on our website. You may have a memorable and wonderful feeling!

Smash Kart - One of the most exciting battle royale racing games on our website. Carry out the extreme and exciting speed obstacle, master your vehicles and skills. 

You will take on different competitors in the field, grabbing weapons and exploding other karts to win!

Smash Karts was created in 3D with WebGL and io. together with out-of-this-world 3D engines and 3D physics, you'll feel like you need to be behind the wheel. 

You will battle your buddies in a kart competition to the completed line while enhancing power-ups and area code new tracks. Typically the game can be played by 1-4 players at once- exquisite for parties! Pick from numerous karts and race to fight against your buddies. Acquire power-ups to improve your kart's speed and even knock others off the track in this game

Smash Karts is an active game that enables you to race as a kart, using weapons to remove your opponents. Being a kart racer, it will be possible to customize your character, kart, and power-ups from the garage. With three-dimensional graphics and online multiplayer, Smash Karts is a fast-paced online game that will make your adrenaline pumping!


As a variety of online games, Smash Kart is not tapped to play, you can become a master easily thanks to reading all instructions:

  • Play games to earn XP

You need to deal with various other players in typically the arena for three or more minutes of kart-smashing mayhem. 

There are usually several maps to be able to explore. Each general public game you enjoy will give you XP, which you may and thereafter use to gain levels.

Leveling up is necessary as it will certainly reward you featuring coins, hats, wheels, and character tokens. You can utilize character tokens inside the prized equipment in order to unlock fresh characters with various different levels of rarity.

  • Customize the kart

You need to select from a selection of wacky little character types and karts. Players can customize their kart and characters in the personalized menu. 

There you will find a selection of karts, character types, hats, and vacation item

  • A variety of Kart Battle Games

You will have a great experience when fighting Kart games as we bring two awesome game modes together: deathmatch arena and kart driving. 

Here are some top online games in which you will play the same explosive style of online game:

  • Kart Wars - an extremely chaotic multiplayer kart game inspired by Mario Kart in which you will pick from a range of characters and conquer the market.
  • Kart Fight - a kart market game with a twist where you have to knock other karts from the system and increase your character!

There are various Kart games on our website that you can have fun with! Browse immediately!


Smash Karts is an action-packed multiplayer kart battles game, thus you may have fun with this game and make friends with other players from four corners of this world instantaneously.

  • You will level up, earn coins and save your stats in this game in order to win and defeat all other players
  • There are multiple weapons for you to choose from in this game ranging from miniguns to bombs
  • You need to customize karts and characters to make your own style and show up your ability related to the aesthetic field


Collect power-ups and modify your kart before each race to win! There are weapons and power-ups on the track to assist you, and some of them could make your opponent's life harder. You can also use the track to slow down your competitors by smashing them into walls and other obstacles. 

Smash other players into pieces by shooting towards them or maybe bashing them taken care of. The more oppositions you smash, the more coins you collect. Coins are good for area code new karts! Commence your engines and possess some smashing fun! remember that the more players there are, the more chaotic it gets!


Smash Karts is created by Tall Team, they are also the developer of other excellent online games like Investor Island, Blast Ar Pro, ….


  • You need to utilize WASD or the arrow keys to drive.
  • You have to use Space to fire the weapons.


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