Droid O

Droid O
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Droid O is an interesting arcade game in which you need to fight as a spaceship


Defeat the invading aliens as a spacecraft captain in Droid-O. Aliens are swarming Earth in order to take advantage of its natural resources. In the face of deadly invaders, you are Earth's final hope. In this space shooter game, you'll be up against an ever-increasing number of aliens. Drag your spacecraft left and right to kill the enemy and protect yourself from the aliens. The aliens become more powerful as you progress through the game. To combat them, you'll need to enhance your spaceship with additional abilities. As a result, gain additional abilities such as cannons, shields, and rockets to destroy aliens even faster and earn more points. You only have three lives to fight the aliens, so be careful. So, are you prepared to eliminate all alien invaders and defend the planet? Protect the Earth from aliens by becoming the best spacecraft captain.


You need to drag to move

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