ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet

ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet
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ECO inc. Save the Earth Planet is an interesting online game and you need to get a close look to control this game


Are you capable of saving the world? Save the Earth is the first educational game on the topic of environmental issues. Examine true ecological issues, their causes, and the efforts of individuals from all over the world to save our planet from ecological calamity. To learn more about our objectives, visit our website: Join us in the effort to save our planet!


Features: Examine the characteristics of different regions and the difficulties they face. Follow the state of the environment in each of the world's areas. Integrate environmental projects. Volunteers should be sent to assist. Poachers, trawlers, and smugglers are all bad for the environment. Overcome the destructive effects of natural disasters Discover new eco-friendly technologies.


How to Play: In the early rounds of the game, the player's goal is to stabilize the ecological situation on the entire world. Then, one by one, restore and improve the Earth's eco-situation. You'll obtain your statistics on how successful your mission was at the end of the game. Each step has a distinct outcome, so you must respond quickly and thoughtfully.


You need to use your mouse to control this game

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