Impostor Warline 456 Survivors

Impostor Warline 456 Survivors
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Impostor Warline 456 Survivors is an interesting online game where you need to eliminate all the rebels


Have a good time with this new game. 456 Impostor Warline Survivors is a fun and unique game available only on!! On this occasion, the small ones among us who took part in a game similar to the squid game will endeavor to win the first game, but this time with weapons. Can you put a stop to this uprising and eliminate all of the rebels who took up guns to put an end to the games? Have fun refining your personality traits by collecting gold and increasing your score.


The goal is to command the squid game's soldiers in order to defend the game's red line, remove all rebels among us who have taken up arms and are willing to kill you and bring the games to a close.


On the desktop, use the mouse to control the character, fire and utilize the items, and use the keyboard arrows and keys W and S to move up and down. On tablet and mobile devices, touch the screen.

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