Keeper of the Grove 3

Keeper of the Grove 3
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Keeper of the Grove 3 is an interesting online game in which you need to protect the precious gems and make an effort to keep enemy creeps


Keeper of the Grove 3 is a wonderful game that contains tower defense strategies
Your mission is to guard all precious fems and try to keep enemy creeps from making effort to steal them
You have to build defensive turrets across the path. therefore they may automatically defend the map. thanks to this, nothing may be stolen
You need to upgrade them to become more efficient in combat
You have to call a wave earlier to receive a bonus
You need to collect all coins in addition to building more defensive turrets


This game contains 3D models
It has an intuitive mode
It contains beautiful and colorful graphics
It is easy to control this game

Utilize your mouse or tap the screen to control this game

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