Magic Herobrine - smart brain & puzzle quest

Magic Herobrine - smart brain & puzzle quest
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Magic Herobrine - smart brain & puzzle quest is an interesting game in which you need to take a deep breath and try ti dive into the world of puzzles


Magic Herobrine is a puzzle game that will test your mind. In Herobrine & Lucky Blocks, a brand-new free game, take a deep breath and walk into the magnificent cube universe of puzzle tasks! As you go through the logic levels to get smarter, try demanding and thrilling brilliant brain hunt gaming with a variety of problems. Burn boxes, open lucky blocks, grab treasures, and complete incredible puzzles and missions are all possible. Hey, your herobrine is ready for you, so relax and enjoy this fantastic Magic Herobrine - puzzle quest experience!


This game contains various nice themes and characters
This game is also suitable for sameone who is crazy about panda
This game can help players releive stress and have fun
Beautiful artwork
Intelligent AI player
Large word selection that meets international competition requirements


Burn crates by tapping or clicking on them, and gather all of the lucky blocks! Play hundreds of challenging and interesting smart brain puzzle quest levels.

To burn crates and get lucky blocks, tap and click them.

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