Monster Wheels Apocalypse

Monster Wheels Apocalypse
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Monster Wheels Apocalypse is an awesome online game in which you need to control your monster car in order to eliminate all vehicles


Enjoy and have fun with this new Monster Wheels Apocalypse game you can have fun controlling your monster car to eliminate all vehicles, planes, and opponent soldiers.
Dare to begin a deadly contest with amazing creature cars. In a world, out of control the streets are managed by an army of monster vehicles that will not get you far!
Get on your automobile and try to eliminate all the enemies traveling.
You can improve your characteristics so that your vehicle along with your weapons are much more efficient, your shield and rate are increased.


The goal of the game is to get rid of all opponent vehicles and improve your score with each attempt!
Increase your characteristics with all the current accumulated gold.


You need to control the vehicle point and touch on the screen to play this game

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