Rails and Stations

Rails and Stations
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Rails and Stations is an awesome online game where you need to accumulate all wood, iron, sand and ytdanm


Hello, and welcome to Rails and Stations, your new free game! You can explore the area around you, mine resources and products, and construct railroads in this game. Collect wood, iron, sand, ytdanm? power, and watermelons to sell to stations for cash. Cut down trees and harvest iron in exchange for railroad rails. You'll be able to recruit assistants to help you acquire resources faster. Purchase dynamite in order to clear the tracks for the trains. Extend your island to discover new resources and explore it. Everything is for sale at various places. We hope you have a great time playing this interesting game.


You mine resources in order to exchange for the funds required to unlock the map. The more you progress, the more difficult it becomes to mine resources.


You can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control the small man, or you can use the mouse. The man will run behind the cursor if you hold down the right button. When you visit a resource, it is automatically extracted. If you're playing on a keyboard, press the Enter key to switch to tractor mode or another mode.

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