Rally Champ

Rally Champ
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Rally Champ is an awesome racing game in which you have to accomplish all races


Compete against drivers from all over the world in the Rally Car Championship. Dodge opponents, boost around tight turns, collect coins, and upgrade your car for the next race. Do you think you're the Rally Champion? Rally Champ is designed to run at 30fps on any device, which can be difficult when dealing with pseudo-3D (no WebGL here, just lots of sprites!). We're always looking for ways to improve things, so please let us know how it works for you.


This game contains beautiful graphics so it is easy for you to relieve stress after working flat out
This game is also suitable for kids because the control is really easy
You can broaden your social circle thanks to playing this game with other players who come from 4 corners of this world.
3D Design - Simple Gameplay - Incredible Graphics and Effects

You need to race to the finish line by steering your car left and right!

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