Wonderful High Heels 3D

Wonderful High Heels 3D
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Wonderful High Heels 3D is an excellent online game in which you need to break the shackles and conquer more places


1. Because there are so many levels, the game's difficulty rises as the levels progress, yet it's still enjoyable and tough to play. 2. Break the chains and conquer more unknown areas around the planet; enjoy the thrill of unlocking new mechanisms waiting to be cracked; the track will change within. 3. When you complete a level successfully, you will receive a partial prize here, which may be used to purchase various products.


The High Heels Game is a casual parkour game in which you wear high heels. It extends the length of high heels and allows them to pass through various barriers. It's simple to learn and fun to play.


You need use your mouse to control this game

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